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The impact of COVID-19 is becoming more significant every day. As you can imagine, this impact is particularly strong on a business like Hot Diggity. As travel plans are cancelled and more companies are asking employees to work from home, your walkers’ and sitters’ livelihoods are being affected. ⁠

Many of you have reached out to us to inquire as to how you may assist your walkers and sitters during this time of uncertainty and rapid change. We are unimaginably grateful for your concern and your support. We’ve come up with a few options to offer to you as we attempt to walk the tightrope between keeping our walkers able to maintain their day-to-day lives and keeping our company operating until the summer season: ⁠

  • Keep Your Walks on the Books: Even if you are working from home, we would love to be able to continue walking with your pups as before. ⁠
  • Keep Your Services Scheduled, Even if You Don’t Need a Walk: If you would like to pay your walkers for a scheduled service, even if you don’t need them to actually arrive at your home – please let us know. ⁠
  • Tip Your Walkers/Sitters: 100% of tips go directly to your care team. If you are able to add an additional gratuity to help your walkers and sitters at this uncertain time, it is deeply appreciated. ⁠

Our motto here at Hot Diggity! is “life happens” and our walkers and sitters are proud to serve you and your pets every day. They have answered a calling that ensures you can handle whatever life throws at you without worrying about your animals at home. If any of these options to help support them is appealing to you, please let us know.⁠

On top of our regular walks and pet sitting, we’ve also designed a few services that we’ll be offering temporarily as a means to helping you, our clients, get needs met while also helping our pet care staff retain as much work as possible during this challenging time. If you need us to go shopping, pick up a to-go order, deliver a donation, or get your antsy pups out of the house for an adventure, please give us a call to book us to help: 503.887.0086

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope that you and your family stay healthy.

  • Storefront Open?: Open, Normal Hours
  • Open Hours: Services available 7 days a week from 7am–10pm
  • Is Remote Option Available?: Phone Ordering
  • Delivery?: We Deliver Directly!
  • Community Offering?: Yes
  • Available to the Community: Currently also offering grocery pick-up and delivery! No pet service required.
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