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Effective Tuesday, March 24th, 2020:

Well, as we all saw coming, the gym has been closed due to a statewide “stay home” mandate from the governor. We are in the depths of a confusing, scary, and unknown time in all of our lives right now, but that’s no excuse not to try to get (or stay) jacked as fuck. So CrossFit Magnus will continue to provide workouts and as much other content that I can think of to keep our community strong, connected, and unrelenting.

Please note that all of these workouts will be bodyweight-centric for the people stuck at home with no equipment. I understand that a great many of you have some (or a lot) of available equipment to use, but it’s pretty hard to write programming when one person has a bar and a full set of weights while another person only has a 20lbs dumbbell and a jump rope.

What I will say is that if you have the luxury of some extra equipment, feel free to incorporate it into the daily workout as you see fit. For example, if you have a barbell, some power snatches would fit excellently between Parts A and B. If you have a jump rope and you’re proficient at double-unders, you could add 20-30 unbroken reps right after your burpees on Part B. Be creative and have fun with it. DO NOT fall victim to “paralysis by analysis” i.e. overthinking how to structure your workout and never actually doing it. O, that way madness lies.

  • Storefront Open?: Closed to Walk-In Customers
  • Open Hours: Currently closed; at-home programming available through our website and Instagram
  • Is Remote Option Available?: No Remote Options at This Time
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