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Collective Agency Videochat opened for our first day of videochat coworking March 20, 2020. Collective Agency is coworking spaces with cozy community, open since 2011, now near you.

Members have access at four locations: Collective Agency Videochat is currently open, and Collective Agency MontavillaCollective Agency Division and Collective Agency Downtown are temporarily closed because of COVID-19 #stayhome. Collective Agency is a self-governing community.

Members have access to Videochat the same as they did at the other locations. Collective Agency Videochat is staffed weekdays, 9am to 5pm, and members have 24/7 access.

Membership is for people whose ideal is working alongside other people.

Members value productive work and inspiring and energizing conversations happening at their workplace. Participation by members is always optional; we each have individual goals! Friendships, learning, and in-depth open conversations with laughter make successful events and great days. Most of the time, people are productively working.

Amenities include: a main room for coworking with various tables (more social or less social or quiet, and each room with mute and volume options), conference rooms/phone rooms for members and your guests, Slack for text messaging, and many videochat events. As members sign up, more and more things will be bought. Herman Miller chairs, monitors, and/or phones can be provided to members for a deposit. A tablet can be provided at no cost.

Cats, dogs, other pets, and children are all allowed at Collective Agency Videochat; we’ve had 3 cats join us for happy hour. Very few people have a perfect equipment setup. We’ve been encouraging members to join: “You do you.”

Events include (all at Videochat): lunch, walks outside, Pomodoro work sessions (Mondays and Fridays are most common), book club, happy hours and game nights, etc. Our first week before we officially opened, we had lunch every day, happy hour, and three weekly member meetings. Slack channels include: #pictures_of_pets, #bookclub, #events, etc.

Collective Agency has been listed as one of the most influential coworking spaces worldwide for our consistent focus on community.

  • Storefront Open?: Closed to Walk-In Customers
  • Open Hours: Weekdays 9am to 5pm by phone
  • Is Remote Option Available?: Phone Ordering, Online Offering
  • Online Purchase Link:
  • Community Offering?: Yes
  • Available to the Community: Tours are free for people considering Videochat coworking membership
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